Greek Artist Petros Vrellis coded an interactive light and sound show into Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night — that you can control with your fingers. With a swipe of a single digit (or hand) you can pull the particles of the artists paint daubs to redirect the swirling mass of night sky in any direction, making music as you do so.”

In Honestly this was probably one of the most awe inspiring thing I have seen on the internet. Gives me an idea of not just into Van Goph’s mind but also how we can interpret this painting ourselves. A friend of mind said that literature is bottomless, referencing to “A Midnight’s Summers Eve”, because we as the reader or interpreters can relate differently to different things and I believe this also applies to art. I feel like Van Gogh’s mind saw the world in vibrant colors, with everything in motion. Sometimes I just sit here and imagine everything i see is a video game(how i relate) and see the command of detail to graphics though it may be just as simple as seeing the curtains sway, light flicker or sometimes hows my head sways trying to keep level and intern change what things come into my sights and whats fades away. Van Gogh might have done the same but as a painter, no computer graphics but colors, oils, swirls! He (in my opinion,  had incredible command of colors) This(along other things) may have driven him mad, and sometimes i feel it might do the same to me.

I wouldn’t mind if Vreillis program was accessible to me or us, but I also fear I/we might use it to interpret this painting farther than I/we are supposed to. Buuuutt it would be nice to see the mind of myself and Van Goph’s comparing notes of vision and imagination.

Am I just over analyzing this program? or myself?